It’s all about the Youth

For over 25 year Tonga National Youth Congress (TNYC) is still playing the leading role in youth development program for Tonga and have work diligently in training as well as raising awareness and advocating on behalf of the youth of Tonga since then.

On April 5th TNYC Alcohol Awareness Team went to Tupou College Toloa (TCT) to do an awareness program on alcohol and tobacco, it was facilitated by Savelio Lavelua (TNYC Board Member, Life skill master Trainer and now ‘Apifo’ou School Counseling Officer)

“We got an invitation from the two counselor of TCT Tevita Eukaliti and Dorothy Bryce” said Savelio Lavelua “these counselors identified from working with students that there is a raising concern toward students increasing consumption of alcohol as well as tobacco and drugs”

According to the identified issued from the counselor, 60% of the college is smoking tobacco or have been introduce to drugs. Drugs Alcohol & Substance Abuse is the sixth issues on youth top ten issue for Tonga.

“We had a great program at Toloa” said Mausa Halahala “students show up to the program with anticipation to learn about something new about alcohol, tobacco and drugs and how it’s affect their mental health, physical health and the impact in their life as well as their families and friends.

When the night ended, students had expanded their knowledge on how these substances can affect their life and their education. They left with the message of making the right choice now and not used drugs will give them a much healthier life as well as a better future.

The awareness to Toloa college have also make other High School to also stand up and relook at their students in relation to alcohol, tobacco and substance used. The work will continue to other schools that has already contact TNYC for this awareness program.

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