Hand- Wash Portable

Hand- Wash Portable

In fighting Covid-19 and making sure that Tonga stay covid-19 free Tonga National Youth Congress (TNYC), Caritas Tonga, Mordi Tonga and Tonga National Council of Churches (TNCC) put a portable hand washed unit that will access those who work in the community police station across Tonga.

“There are over 100 Community Polices Station here in Tongatapu” said Penisimani Manoa Sili, CIP “today distribution are not for those community police station that is in a church hall or in building that has access to water but it is for the police community that is conducting their duty near the street or in place where water is not availbel to them 24/7.”

There are 60 community polices unit here in Tonga that don’t have access to hand-wash materials as they conduct there services during night time. These are the community police station that will benefit from this project.

The project was funded by UNICEF and TNCC coodinate the program here in Tonga.

The portable unit pack has 1 standing unit, a bucket of water, drinking bottle, waste bags, mask, soap, poster and brochure.

“It is our duty to help those who are vulnerable to this pandemic” said TNYC director, Vanessa lolohea “those who work at the community police unit are vulnerable for they are the first contact person. So it is crucial to make sure that they have water to wash there hands as they conduct their duty”.

Today the Police Deputy Commissioner, Tevita Vailea show his gratitude toward the program in making sure that each of these unit are used as community police officer are doing there work.

Water Purification is our Profession

On April 9th Tropical Cyclone Harold shook the friendly islands with it her massive force and now Tonga is on its respond stage.

“Since cyclone Harold warning issues came out. Tonga National Youth Congress respond team was activated” said Mausa Halahala, TNYC Environment & D.R.R coordinator “Now TNYC respond team are out at Nukunuku motu to purified all water tanks in the island, for having clean water to drink from is an essential element of the relief program”

Over five years, TNYC Disaster Relief Responds program has made it their life style to bring clean water to communities that are need. This was seen in 2014 at the Ha’apai groups after cyclone Ian, 2018 after cyclone Gita and now in 2020 after cyclone Harold.

TNYC water respond team are still making sure that clean water is been provided for affected communities after a natural disaster.

“I’m thankful for our TNYC disaster relief responds team for going the extra mile in helping communities like Nukunuku motu to have clean efficiency water to drink from” continues Mausa “Some of the stuff they see in the water tank that our people drink from is shocking but they get the job done. By making sure our schools and communities have clean water that is coming clean water tanks TNYC is helping our children’s, our youths and our communities in this time of needs”.