Niua Fo’ou Youth Congress Profile


Niua Fo’ou Youth Congress Office Manage. ‘Anau Tufui

Hello and welcome to Niuafo’ou Youth Congress Office.  We lay 617 km away from Tongatapu, but distant don’t mean a  thing when you are surrounded by the beauty of  nature, friendly people and life skill experience.

The strength of NFYC is the connection and cooperation of our youth. We often hear the quote “youth are the biggest and strongest link of a community” well here at Niua Fo’ou we prove that to be true. Throughout the years our youth groups have been working with our communities in any given task. I am proud of our youth who always make the best of any given task.

Niuafo’ou consist of 8 village and all these villages have registered all there village youth group as full member of the Niuafo’ou Youth Congress.  Our election for presidency of the congress take place annually.  The current President is Mr.  Faka’anaua

Tu’a’ofa atu

‘Anau Tufui