‘Eua Project

Project Name: Éua Biodiversity Protection Project

Funded byGlobal Environment Facility Fund

Year: 2009-2013

Project GoldEmpower Youth, Students and Community by implementing activities which help to sustain the upkeep of the Environment

Project Objective Project  Activities Achievement
1) To Promote Healthy Living behavior in Eua villages and communities.
1) Communities in ’Eua have increased knowledge and understanding on the importance of conservation of the biodiversity and the sustainable management practices of natural resources.
2) To protect and conserve the remaining forestry and wild life that lies on the eastern side of the island.   2) Community led native forest restoration projects that are initiated in key areas.  In hopes of maximizing soil, water, and forest conservation practices.   With the community having the capacity to continue on with the restorations of this project (post project.) 
3) To promote good management practice  environment activities that build and n healthy environment e.g. composting, recycling, replanting etc. 3)Managing waste in the community is one of the biggest issues, which people mostly, dispose  waste by burning without classifying, recycling or composting.

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