It’s all about the Youth

For over 25 year Tonga National Youth Congress (TNYC) is still playing the leading role in youth development program for Tonga and have work diligently in training as well as raising awareness and advocating on behalf of the youth of Tonga since then.

On April 5th TNYC Alcohol Awareness Team went to Tupou College Toloa (TCT) to do an awareness program on alcohol and tobacco, it was facilitated by Savelio Lavelua (TNYC Board Member, Life skill master Trainer and now ‘Apifo’ou School Counseling Officer)

“We got an invitation from the two counselor of TCT Tevita Eukaliti and Dorothy Bryce” said Savelio Lavelua “these counselors identified from working with students that there is a raising concern toward students increasing consumption of alcohol as well as tobacco and drugs”

According to the identified issued from the counselor, 60% of the college is smoking tobacco or have been introduce to drugs. Drugs Alcohol & Substance Abuse is the sixth issues on youth top ten issue for Tonga.

“We had a great program at Toloa” said Mausa Halahala “students show up to the program with anticipation to learn about something new about alcohol, tobacco and drugs and how it’s affect their mental health, physical health and the impact in their life as well as their families and friends.

When the night ended, students had expanded their knowledge on how these substances can affect their life and their education. They left with the message of making the right choice now and not used drugs will give them a much healthier life as well as a better future.

The awareness to Toloa college have also make other High School to also stand up and relook at their students in relation to alcohol, tobacco and substance used. The work will continue to other schools that has already contact TNYC for this awareness program.

Gita Cyclone Respond Phase

TNYC Response Plan to Gita Cyclone is two phase one is the first response and the sec- ond phase is the recovery. TNYC have done a similar work in Ha’apai in 2014 with cyclone Ian.

The work that TNYC has done on the response phase is with the WASH Cluster. The first assessment with NEMO than the distribution of Hygiene kits to Evacuation center and indi- vidual home, distribution of hy- giene kits, shelter kits, kitchen kits, tarps to People Living with disability, single head house- hold mother , widow and all female household with their living property being damage by the cyclone. This work has been done with the Women Crisis Centre, NATA (Naunau ‘o e ‘Alamaite Tonga Associa- tion) organization. There has also a building of temporary shelter, toilet, bathroom and cleaning of debris from around the house of the women and people living with disability.

Phase 2 of the Response isthe Water Purification. TNYC Water Team have gone to Pri- mary and Secondary School around Tonga to work using the sky-hydrant water purifica- tion system to clean tank as well as cleaning the guttering system and treat the water.

There has been a total of 14 Schools, two church hall, and 2 household of people living with disability that has their water purify and clean cement tank and guttering system. Mausa Halahala the TNYC DRR Coordinator said that they have approximately puri- fied up to 200,000 plus liter of water.

This work have seen TNYC work together with Geological Department as well as the Min- istry of Health. The work will continue until the 8 of April and the response phase finish than TNYC will continue with the recovery phase which we will be looking at working with farmer on livelihood work with planting material, seedling as well as training.

TNYC Back in action for 2018

Mission Statement of the organization focus on 3 areas which is Good Citizenship, Community Services and Leadership, annual planning week have all staff looking at programs that is implemented by the organization in youth development work.


On January 16, a three day TNYC staff retreat for annual work plan and budgeting was held in the Head Quarter Office in Nuku’alofa.  “This is one of the great retreat that we have done” said Ha’apai Youth Congress, Office Manager, Teisa ‘Alifeleti “because it has remained me of the key values of youth development work of TNYC. Yes, sometime we may lost focus in the day to day excitement of the job but today we have been reminded of these areas that we will have an outcome at the end of the year which will benefit a greater number of responsible youth with Leadership qualities a Good citizenship and participate and support Community Services.  Ha’apai youth is still working in these area.

TNYC annual work plan and budget has been presented to the Board on their first Board meeting for this year and it has been endorsed.

“I can see that we have our work drawn out for us” said Vava’u Youth Congress president, ‘Ulaiasi Vaisima “our business plan huge but I believe our VYC staff are up to bar to meet this plan”

TNYC 2018 look promising and we definitely have our work cut out for us.  Wish for a very productive years for all staff.



TNYC Youth Camp

Since the establishment of Tonga National Youth Congress in 1991, TNYC has been working endlessly for the greater good of the youth.  

Throughout 2006-2008 TNYC coordinated youth parliament, youth summit, life-skills camp, survival skills camp, governance & camp girls leading our world (GLOW) and ulu’akaua camp or environment camp.  This year TNYC has started to go back and used that methodology of gathering youth starting with the camp GLOW in Ha’apai and this coming November with Youth Green camp.

“Environmental issues is a global issue that all of humanity is concern about” said D.R.R and Environment coordinator, Mausa Halahala “Environmental issues are harmful effects of human activity on the biophysical environment. Environmental protection is a practice of protecting the natural environment on individual, organizational or governmental levels, for the benefit of both the environment and humans.”

The camp is set to advocate, educate and activate youth to be closer to Mother Nature and take a very active stewardship roles to the environment starting from their communities. This green camp is funded by the Canada Fund.

“The camp will run for one week from the 3rd of November to the 8th” said Mausa Halahala “by the end of the camp we are hoping to equip these youths with skill on how to conduct an or environmental Impact Assessment. So when they go back to their community they can assess surrounding and know how much work they have to put in to help their local community environment.”

Taking Care of Nature

On September 23 the International Climate Change Day MEIDEC commemorate this by distributing tree for youth group communities to plant
On September 20 they where at Sopu ‘o Taufa’ahau distributing trees for the community and TNYC chairmen board was there welcome them and to help distribute the trees that they have came with to the youth of Sopu.

“When I was a boy the Vuna Rd was one of the beautiful places of Kolomotua” said Drew Havea “the beaches and the trees here in our coast were green beautiful and just breath taking. But Now all we see are rocks and no trees for windbreaker. That is one thing I like of having all of you here cause your are the future generation of Sopu and you are the one who will bring beauty back to our shores”

The program end with the youth of Sopu planning of the trees starting from the Ahi moe Vunga VCO and from there to their places.

“We are happy the we have a chance to help mother earth be green again” said one of the participant “not only that we have these trees to take home and plant them but this will help me know more of how to care for these trees”

“I think the key value here is that making sure our Sopu is green again and that we will take the next step and educate ourselves and pass on that
knowledge to other” Drew Havea.