About us


Tonga National Youth Congress (TNYC) was founded in 1991 an initiative from church leaders, government and communities. TNYC have six main office located in the six main islands of Tonga.

It is govern by and executive boards which consist of president and vice president of each island groups. Election for board members happen every three years.

Tonga National Youth Congress aim to, at all times maintain the upmost level of services for our groups and strive to place itself at the forefront of Youth Development Services within the Civil Society Organization Sector’s (CSO)

Vision:- A well develop healthy nation in which youth is the value as most resources to contribute to the development of it’s country.

Mission:- To better the wellbeing of the youth of Tonga through programs that promote Responsibility, Good Citizenship, Community Service and Leadership.

Youth Top 10 Issues

1. Unemployment

2. Low Self Esteem

3. School Drop Out

4. Environmental Issues


6. Drugs Alcohol & Substance Abuse

7. Access to market and information

8. Crime and Delinquency

9. Generation Gap

10. Family, Religions and Culture

Tonga National Youth Congress Structure