Recovery On the Way

On February 12 the devastating wind of cyclone Gita cripple the main island of Tonga, Tongata- pu and ‘Eua.

Just right after the cyclone Tonga National Youth Congress (TNYC) team up with government agencies and other non- government organization in delivering responses throughout  Tonga.

Now it have been months after the cyclone Gita, Tonga is on the recovery road, so TNYC have team up with Oxfam New Zealand in creating a nursery and green house to carry out their recovery plans.

“We have over 700 organic growers across Tonga” said Navuso Tuaimei’api, Technical Organic Advisor “but this recovery plan consisted on the growers here at Tongatapu and the organic growers of ‘Eua. This is because these are the two main

is- land that cyclone Gita impact the most”

Phase one of the recovery plan of is to build a green house to grow vegetables in it and be given to the organic growers to plan and harvest.

“Our recovery plan target 800 families to help” said Navuso “These families are not just pick from our organic families, but also we plan to reach out to dis- abilities as well as widows that are in need of help”

The Future Organic Farmers of Tonga (FOFT) division have started the first step by doing a nursery and are now waiting for these vegetables to grow so it may given to organic growers, disabilities household and widows

“Each household will receive a total of 175 vegetables to grow in there garden” said Mr. Tuimei’api “we will each give

household Onion, Tomato, Cu- cumber, Lettuce, Cabbage, Pumpkin and Beans”

The first distribution that FOFT will do is to Nakolo and Kolomotua, after that ‘Eua is on the next distribution.

“Our first step have been taken toward giving back to the community and to our growers” said the Technical Organic Advisor “Now it just a matter of time when we will deliver our first order to our parties”

Phase one of the recovery plan have been activated and phase two will be soon enough.

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