‘Eua Youth Congress Profile

‘Amelia Latu Office Manager and Outreach Officer of EYC

A warm greeting from ‘Eua Youth Congress. Here in our small island we take pride on our youth group working together to build a better and greater ‘Eua.

 There is 15 village altogether in the island of ‘Eua with the approximate population of  about 5000+ and more than 50% of the population are from the age of 35 to infant.

3 villages are a full member registered of the congress that is Kolomaile, Petani and Tongamama’o and five more villages are expected to registered as full member by the end of 2015.

‘Eua Youth Congress is govern by a board with official member which is elected every 2 year from registered village youth group president and vice president. The current President is Mr.  Manu Samiu.

Eua youth office have 3 staff which is the management team for EYC.  Mr.  Palavi Tahaafe the field officer (ICS) and Ms.  Mele Vi Green House Manager and ICS.






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