Youth Social Enterprise

The income from product develop by young people, fund special program to support social challenged that youth faces.

<em>Social Enterprise target to eliminate poverty in community and provide employment for the YOUTH</em>

Tonga National Youth Congress Clip

International Youth Day, Tonga

TNYC celebrate with the rest of the World our youth day

Tonga National Youth Congress

Take a glimpse in to TNYC

Disaster Reduction Risk Division

A glimpses in to TNYC D.R.R division

Tonga National Youth Congress

Change” is one of the major root issues in the mind and attitude of people in the Pacific, with small Pacific Islands constantly affected by sea level rising, eroding away the shoreline and low-lying settlement area. Continuous increasing of heat surge, increasing frequency of cyclones and prolong period of drought.  “Climate Change” is the words ‘it is the life now of the Pacific and off course Tonga is no different with the Top 5 most vulnerable country to Climate Change List. Work on Climate Resilience to Youth and Community increase to better prepare youth to deal with this on a daily basis.  Tonga National Youth Congress have work on the 1 million tree campaign since 2017 running coincide with the “No Plastic campaign READ MORE

Hand- Wash Portable

In fighting Covid-19 and making sure that Tonga stay covid-19 free Tonga National Youth Congress (TNYC), Caritas Tonga, Mordi Tonga and Tonga National Council of Churches (TNCC) put a portable hand washed unit that will access those who work in the community police station across Tonga……. Read More

Fist T.O.A Board meeting for 2021

On 9th of March Tonga Organic Association (T.O.A) had it first board meeting at the Emerald Hotel……Read More