Young Entrepreneurship in Action

We are embarking in a new frontier” said Naunau ‘oe ‘Alameite Association (NATA) Technical Advisor, Rheema Misser on the opening day of the Wood work, Carving and Handicraft work shop for youth who are living with disability (YLWD) as well as youth who are unemployed last month. “Today we mark the begin of this work where we as people who are living with disabilities can work and earn a living by doing something which we have a talent for and we like. Read more

School Dropout Program

School dropout’ project begin this year with working with High School student in the Secondary School in Tongatapu.  These first step of working is with student who have no means to pay for their school fees while at the same time the second and third part of the program will focus on student whom are going to be expel from school and young teenage pregnancy in school.

“The thing that make this program unique is that we intent to work with the principles of the schools” said ‘Ofa Pakalani, “our program help student who are having problem financially and students who are in trouble in school”

On April 8th the school dropout team organize for the first time to meet with the students who is in the program “This is where we start” said Mausa Halahala “making you feel that you can achieve your dream and finish your secondary school level while at the same time teach you student a sense of working hard to earn this program, building our friendship so that our program can help you achieve your true potential”

This year the school dropout program is taking 10 students from all different high school. In getting these students to feel the sense of inclusion and the support of the project the team form up games that is both fun and educational for student  to participate in.

“I like the program” said one of the students who is in the program “not only I have a friend in these colleges but it has encouraged me to do better in school for now I know that I am not alone and I can do greatness if I study and work hard”.