TNYC Back in action for 2018

Mission Statement of the organization focus on 3 areas which is Good Citizenship, Community Services and Leadership, annual planning week have all staff looking at programs that is implemented by the organization in youth development work.


On January 16, a three day TNYC staff retreat for annual work plan and budgeting was held in the Head Quarter Office in Nuku’alofa.  “This is one of the great retreat that we have done” said Ha’apai Youth Congress, Office Manager, Teisa ‘Alifeleti “because it has remained me of the key values of youth development work of TNYC. Yes, sometime we may lost focus in the day to day excitement of the job but today we have been reminded of these areas that we will have an outcome at the end of the year which will benefit a greater number of responsible youth with Leadership qualities a Good citizenship and participate and support Community Services.  Ha’apai youth is still working in these area.

TNYC annual work plan and budget has been presented to the Board on their first Board meeting for this year and it has been endorsed.

“I can see that we have our work drawn out for us” said Vava’u Youth Congress president, ‘Ulaiasi Vaisima “our business plan huge but I believe our VYC staff are up to bar to meet this plan”

TNYC 2018 look promising and we definitely have our work cut out for us.  Wish for a very productive years for all staff.



Young Entrepreneurship in Action

We are embarking in a new frontier” said Naunau ‘oe ‘Alameite Association (NATA) Technical Advisor, Rheema Misser on the opening day of the Wood work, Carving and Handicraft work shop for youth who are living with disability (YLWD) as well as youth who are unemployed last month. “Today we mark the begin of this work where we as people who are living with disabilities can work and earn a living by doing something which we have a talent for and we like. Read More

School Dropout Program

School dropout’ project begin this year with working with High School student in the Secondary School in Tongatapu.  These first step of working is with student who have no means to pay for their school fees while at the same time the second and third part of the program will focus on student whom are going to be expel from school and young teenage pregnancy in school.

“The thing that make this program unique is that we intent to work with the principles of the schools” said ‘Ofa Pakalani, “our program help student who are having problem financially and students who are in trouble in school”

On April 8th the school dropout team organize for the first time to meet with the students who is in the program “This is where we start” said Mausa Halahala “making you feel that you can achieve your dream and finish your secondary school level while at the same time teach you student a sense of working hard to earn this program, building our friendship so that our program can help you achieve your true potential”

This year the school dropout program is taking 10 students from all different high school. In getting these students to feel the sense of inclusion and the support of the project the team form up games that is both fun and educational for student  to participate in.

“I like the program” said one of the students who is in the program “not only I have a friend in these colleges but it has encouraged me to do better in school for now I know that I am not alone and I can do greatness if I study and work hard”.


Vava’u Youth Congress new Virgin Coconut Oil Unit

Vava’u Youth Congress (VYC), is one of Tonga National Youth Congress most active branch. During the last quota of 2016 Surf for life started building a new facility for VYC to enable local farmers to capitalize on the year-round supply of coconuts and vanilla for export to countries like Australia, New Zealand, and the United States.


On February 28th VYC staff launch the opening of their new Virgin Coconut Oil facility. “We are grateful for all the work that your volunteer has done for our new facility” said the president of VYC on his opening speech “The facility that we have open here today will help the youth of Vava’u”.


“On behalf of Surf for Life I thank you for all the work you’ve done with us and for the community most importantly” said Surf for Life CEO Bo Fox “I wish the Surf for Life team where here today to share this, and importantly volunteers who spend time, hours reaching out to friends and families and raising the fund, necessary for this building. Funding was not only specific for the VCO facility but also for renovation of the main VYC office with new windows, toilets and bathroom facilities.


In 2008, Surf for Life co-founders Alex Fang and Jonathan Sofer ventured on several surf trips to Central America. Upon returning, they decided they wanted to leave more behind in the places they visited than just some surf wax and a few stickers. They saw the apparent need for sustainable development work in these incredible destinations in order to better handle the changing social, environment, and economic landscapes that come with tourism. From here the vision for Surf for Life was born to create an organization that would bring people to far off destinations to explore a new culture, and to do something meaningful to positively impact that community.


“We are determining to strive for greatness” said VYC office manager. ‘Akosita Tua “this new facility that has been given to us will enlighten our bath to move toward greatness. Yes, I have confident that Vava’u Youth Congress will use this facility to its maximum and will not only help our youth but also our community and even our Vava’u”.

The Messenger- Out come from the alcohol outreach

2016 was rated the highest year for accident caused by alcohol consumption in Tonga from the Police Force Department the statistic up to November 2016 there were (900+ cases report related with alcohol consumption.

Tonga Health and Tonga National Youth Congress, Salvation Army and Tonga Police Force have work together with the alcohol awareness program since September 2016 in doing awareness to villages youth group and different communities group addressing this issues.

“Our main concern is our youth” said Mausa Halahala “So may life’s have been lost due to alcohol. So it is our duty to help our youth not to go down that bath. It is a challenge cause we will do out reach program at a time where alcohol consumption is at it peak, but knowing we will help our youth turn from that path make the challenge more exciting to tackle”.

A very big campaign activities in the month of November and December and January of Alcohol awareness was implement by this stakeholder to tackle the issues in a much more holistic approach target for the most impact on the youth popu- lation around the capital area and main district around Tongatapu.

It could have been done alone- from the Police Department said ’Emaloni Tongi from the Tonga Police Force “the greatest achievement thou is that we are able to work together with three other partner of different specific target group like the youth , young people in huts etc. Not everyone listen to us officer of the law but when they turn from us TNYC and the Salvation Ar- my were there to back us up, conveying the same message.

“I believe that the sudden fall in alcohol consumption and accident have something to do with all the work and the message that we deliver out to the communities” said ’Emaloni Tongi “ So Yes we should continue carrying out the message so that our Tonga may be a safe place for all”.

2017 will be a big year of more awareness focusing on capital area, other social meeting areas like bar and night clubs as well as village youth group and any other group that will show an interest in alcohol awareness activities.