Green Advocator in Action

In 2017 Tonga National Youth Congress launch the Green Campaign, the camp was set to advocate, educate and activate youth to be closer to Mother Nature and take a very active stewardship roles to the environment starting from their communities.

Since then, participants on the Green Camp have set up their own green campaign within their community and started addressing environmental issues that they encounter on a daily basis.
One of the greatest achievement of the green movement is the developing of the Green Codes.

“Article C of the Green code state ‘We promise to to do all that it is necessary, with all our hearts and life. To preserve natural resources so it may be a elemental wealth for our children’” said Lakuni Sio
One of the indicator for this particular Article is the planting of trees in nursery to be distributed to local community

“So we plan to plant 2 million trees” continues Lakuni Sio “We plan to plant timber trees, traditional trees that could be use for local medicine and ‘akau kalala (fragrance tree). Part b of this plan is we can also help community in planting trees for coastal area or as a forest reservation”.

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