We are living in a world that is constantly fighting against the wasted of plastic. Day in day out we hear of countries, communities and people’s trying to solve their problem plastic pollution.
Here in our island kingdom plastic pollution is becoming a number one issues for the environmental ministries and more so for the youth to deal with, for plastic pollution is every where and people are now dumping it to the ocean.
Tonga National Youth Congress (TNYC) they have been addressing ‘Environmental Issues’ for over a decade now.
Through 1992-1998 TNCY held the youth parliament which point out the top 10 issues that youth are concern about. One of those issues is ‘Environmental Issues’.
On June 1st TNYC Green Advocators and SIMF students took on the task of cleaning up mui’i Sopu.
“When we first look at what we are about to do I thought to myself ‘people need to clean up more and take wasted to Tapuhia’” said one of the SIMF students
“Our work here today is driven by commitment” said Green Advocator leader, Mausa Halahala “these youth grew up in a world where climate change is a reality, impact of pollution is a reality and so on. So they are here to face that reality, to lessen plastic pollution here at mui’i Sopu. We shall not just sit and watch our Tonga becomes a playing field for plastic wasted, but we will advocate people to reduce using plastic and stop littering”.
At the end of the day everyone felt the exhaustion of cleaning up just one area. For they have embark on layers and layers of plastic wasted that may have been there for years.
“If people think picking up plastic is an easy task why not to it, just put their plastic wasted in a pin and take it to Tapuhia. Rather than piling up plastic wasted and dumped in a place like this and became a problem” said SIMF student.