Water is Life

The amount of water in the human body ranges from 50-75%. The average adult human body is 50-65% water, averaging around 57-60%. The percentage of water in infants is much higher, typically around 75-78% water, dropping to 65% by one year of age.

“Since our body is mostly cover with water it is very important that we consume clean healthy water to help us grow and to keep our body healthy” said Mausa Halahala, D.R.R and environment coordinator

With the fact of making sure that all have safe drinking water to drink from. the water purification team, lead by Mausa Halahala travel to ’Eua to purified the drinking tanks of the schools of ’Eua.

“We have travel here to ’Eua to purified all the drinking water tank of all the school here at ‘Eua” said Mausa Halahala “ ‘Eua is one of the island that was cripple by cyclone Gita and we are here to do the same purification as we did at Tongatapu, for the schools of this island”

‘Eua have 10 schools in the is- land from kindergartens to secondary school each school had one tank purified so that each school would have safe drinkable water.

“I am grateful that TNYC did this to our water tank here at our school” said one of the students at ’Eua High School (EHS) “Yes our water tank was drinkable before but seeing these guys performing the treatment to our water has given me comfort that our water is now 100% clean and it is much more safer to drink from”

The team to ‘Eua was divided in to three groups. The first team was the purification team that perform purification not only for the schools tank but also a few household tank as well as some church’s water tank.

The next team was the hygiene team. This team lead by Savelio Lavelua was the team that goes our to each schools and donate hygiene kit’s for the schools.

“It was a privilege’s joining this team and making sure that not only TNYC is purifying the water tank they are also contributing in making sure that the school has hygiene kits to be use” said Savelio Lavelua “I think the greatest comment that me and my team had was from EHS when they said we have enlighten their eyes that their kids need such supply and they will try to continue supplying the hygiene kits even when our supply run out”.

The last team that when to ’Eua was the survey team lead by ‘Ana Vainga.

“Our team have come see just how well our purification team have done” said ‘Ana Va’inga “Yes we are here to collect all comments about the performant our boys have done to the water tank of ‘Eua”

All team have return back to Tongatapu but they have mark the significant of ensuring safe drinking water in the island of ’Eua

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