Climate Change is REAL!!!

Climate change is caused by humans. Yet, ironically, humans are the only ones who have the power to do something about it and make a real difference. The time for real action and progress is now.

On August 12-17, the Ministry of Meteorology, Energy, Information, Disaster Management, Environment, Climate Change and Communication (MEIDECC) held a one-week program to mark the influence of climate change in our island, with the theme ‘Climate Change is Real. Let us act NOW!!!’ 

 There was booth for government agencies that work directly toward reducing climate change as well as booth from Non-Government Organization (NGO) even booth from communities. All of this was held at Queen Salote Memorial Hall.

 “It is undeniable that the change of climate change is affecting us in our island” said the Minister of MEIDECC, Hon. Poasi Tei “We are facing change is our climate that we have not seen. In some places hurricanes frequency have increased and in some places rainfall have increases as well causing major flooding and such. That is the change that climate change has bring us and we need to act now to ensure that our children’s have a future in our island. There is some small island have migrated to other nation due to rising of sea level. Leaving behind their history, their way of life and part of their identity. Yes, let us act now to ensure that our children and our children grow up in the Tonga that we know and let them still leave on the proud history that we have today”.

The program continues on with the Hon. Poasi Tei observing the booths and see how government agencies, NGO’s and people of the community are addressing the issue of climate change.

The program ended with prize giving to students from Government Primary School that were creative in making their own costume from plastic rubbish and also to students that have the best poem in a poem completion.

Climate change is real we either act now to guarantee that our Tonga have a safe for year to come or we can sit back and just watch as the rising tides take what is ours. Whatever we decide now to do with climate change it will echo through time’s.  


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