Health Division



A society where women, me, boys and girls have equal opportunities and equal access to resources across Tonga.


  • Promote and support the gender mainstreaming of all TNYC program.
  • Support the implementation of the National Policy on Gender and Development and the ratification of CEDAW through community education awareness programs, lobbying activities, having, collaborative projects with CEDAW taskforces and others related bodies, Catholic Women’s Leagues and others NGOs
  • Areas of emphasis are “Gender and Health” and “Gender and Education” as they appear in the National Policy and Gender and Development.



  • Gender training for all staff members, as well as working with staff on a continual basis with all of their projects to ensure that gender equality is taken into account in all program’s planning, implementation, monitoring, and evaluation.
  • Interact frequently and strengthen relationship with Women and Development Center, TONGA FAMILY HEALTH ASSOCIATION, CATHOLIC WOMEN’S LEAGUE LANGAFONUA, establish/strengthen ties with the NGO’s.
  • Initiate and participate in lobbying activities related to CEDAW and Human Rights.