Health Division



Healthy public policies implemented to address the priority NCD risk factors for young              people.

  • Planning process strengthen at the National level to develop multi-sectorial support for healthy public policies for the selected NCD risk factors of tobacco and alcohol.

ACTIVITY: National NCD Committee


The National NCD Committee have been continuously holding their meeting once every month since it was establish last year and the other four sub-committee (PATH- Physical Activity, Alcohol Misuse, Tobacco, Control & Healthy Eating) have been meeting once and sometimes twice every month depending on the need of each respect committee. The National NCD Committee aims to guide police development and oversee the implantation of the activities that are aligned in the NCD Prevention & Control Strategy. These four sub -committee had appointed their own chairperson and secretariat to support them and to ensure their on-going sustainability, but their main aim was to be responsible for their operation implementation of activities contained within the plan.


Each Sub Committee was asked to provide update progress to date and be submitted to the National Committee every month. This Sub Committee are continuously holding their meeting and focus on trying to implement their first three or more priorities activities from the NCD plan. Followed is what each Sub Committees has been chosen to start working on.

      PAHP was funding these meetings to make sure that all committees are actively participating and to implement the activities contained within plan. Up to now, the Cabinet has approved to help out the NCD Committee in running their own activities and meeting.