One thought on “Vava’u Youth Congress Project

  • February 22, 2016 at 12:25 am

    I may be helping a dear friend of mine from Vava’u with a project on his land. I come from Hawaii and try to eat only organic food, mostly vegetables. I am now caring for him on Tongatapu in Fatai, but he may be trying to grow some interesting vegetables on his land in Vava’u fairly soon. A friend of his from Hwaii may come to help as he helped to start a similar project in Hawaii that really took off and became one of the first 100% organic farms in Hawaii. I think it would be good to meet up with those in your program to see how we could possibly share, maybe just seeds and ideas for growing.

    Please contact me at Malo ‘aupito.
    Donna Burns
    77 76775
    Honolulu, Hawaii as well


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