Taking Care of Nature

On September 23 the International Climate Change Day MEIDEC commemorate this by distributing tree for youth group communities to plant
On September 20 they where at Sopu ‘o Taufa’ahau distributing trees for the community and TNYC chairmen board was there welcome them and to help distribute the trees that they have came with to the youth of Sopu.

“When I was a boy the Vuna Rd was one of the beautiful places of Kolomotua” said Drew Havea “the beaches and the trees here in our coast were green beautiful and just breath taking. But Now all we see are rocks and no trees for windbreaker. That is one thing I like of having all of you here cause your are the future generation of Sopu and you are the one who will bring beauty back to our shores”

The program end with the youth of Sopu planning of the trees starting from the Ahi moe Vunga VCO and from there to their places.

“We are happy the we have a chance to help mother earth be green again” said one of the participant “not only that we have these trees to take home and plant them but this will help me know more of how to care for these trees”

“I think the key value here is that making sure our Sopu is green again and that we will take the next step and educate ourselves and pass on that
knowledge to other” Drew Havea.

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